Star Wars, nothing but Star Wars!

So often I find myself in an extensive monologue inside my own head. The subjects are varied, though one tends to come up more than others: Star Wars.

A multitude of thoughts and emotions have waxed and waned in the tumultuous spawning pool of my mind regarding the changes happening in the Star Wars universe. A reboot of the galaxy far far away has happened and left behind an alternate universe of galactic history that never happened. It has been a difficult and stressful journey for me to arrive at the place that leaves me at peace with these changes, but it had to happen. My options were to angrily defy the new canon and adhere to the old texts as if they were ancient dogma, or to commit them to the archives of the Jedi library and embrace the opportunity to experience the wonder of discovering my favorite heroes new lives. Of course the only answer I could accept without betraying my personal fandom was the latter.

A rebirth of Star Wars is at hand. With new movies, books, comics, shows, games, LEGO sets, action figures, and more on the horizons there is enough news to fill the HoloNet 24 hours a day. Unfortunately, I do not encounter many other SW fans with the same level of devotion as myself, so I am taking to the interwebs to spread my opinions like democracy to the filthy masses (sorry you’re not filthy, maybe I got carried away).

So keep an eye on this blog for all the big, and not so big, Star Wars news in the future. I will not cover leaks about the new movie, only official announcements (unless maybe they are super interesting/dumb) and will always be sure to warn if any posts contain spoilers. I hope you will enjoy my posts, and comment letting me know your own opinions.

TL;DR: I need something to do while on the hour trip each way to work, so I’m gonna talk about Star Wars on this blog.

May the force be with you!



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