Lead actress cast for 2016 stand-alone!

Variety is reporting that Oscar nominated actress Felicity Jones has been signed for the lead in the first new Star Wars stand-alone movie. Felicity was recently in The Theory of Everything and The Amazing Spider-man 2 (neither of which I’ve seen I’ll admit, but I guess she’s good if she’s Oscar nominated).

As I mentioned before, the first spin-off is being directed by Gareth Edwards (Godzilla and Monsters) and now being written by Chris Wietz (stuff here).

OK, so now time to guess which character she might be playing. I’m thinking a young Leia or Sabine Wren from the Rebels show, but she’s just as likely to be someone completely new. It seems like Disney is trying to focus on the new characters they are making (see my other post today) so Sabine Wren or somebody new are decent bets.

Also, the same Variety article says that the director and writer of Chronicle and the new Fantastic Four movie, Josh Trank, is confirmed to be directing the next Star Wars stand-alone. I hadn’t even heard this news myself so I whipped out some Google-Fu and found out that it was officially announced on June 4th of last year and strangely nobody has mentioned it since. This is great news to me, as I really liked Chronicle so I am excited to see where this second stand-alone project will go. Though it seems we will have to wait till around May of 2018 to see what exactly he does with it.



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