Lots of Rebels cameo’s and more on the 2016 stand-alone.

Merry weekend everyone!

No post yesterday because it was my girlfriend and I’s anniversary (deal with it :P). We have more news about season 2 of Star Wars: Rebels though. The show is THE big contribution to the Star Wars universe until Episode VII comes out, so you might as well be watching it (plus it’s great to share with your kids, if you have them).

SPOILER WARNING: Not a big spoiler IMO, but just so I can say I warned you.

So it seems that we will have a plethora of guests in season 2 of Rebels. You’ll remember that I reported that Billy Dee will come back as Lando. We now have info leading us to believe that Ahsoka Tano (from Clone Wars), Darth Vader, and Emperor Palpatine will make appearances in the next season. The Ahsoka rumor is also corroborated by a French site that follows voice actors who state that the French voice actress for the Togruta Padawan has been hired to voice her again.

That’s not it though, there’s more. According to The Bearded Trio, Han Solo could be in the next season of Rebels also. Now this one is really a rumor, but these guys seem pretty sure of themselves. Disney is really kicking this show into gear in it’s second season. I’m surprised they didn’t lead with more of these cameos to get viewers right off the bat, but I think that if all these characters return it will go a long way towards increasing the shows viewership.


OK, besides some other totally unsubstantiated rumors (which I won’t even mention cause: big spoilers if they’re true), I got a little more for you. J.J. Abrams has stated he will be executive producer, on Episodes VIII and IX of the new trilogy. He is not directing (which we knew), but he is still involved in the movies and overseeing for continuity. Also, we’ve got word that production is beginning on the first Star Wars spin-off film. Crews are showing at Pinewood studios, casting has begun, and set design is starting, but there are still big decisions to be made before production really kicks into gear. In addition, they are telling us that the rumors we heard about the film in the last week are “hogwash”. I really want this to be true. The rumor that Boba Fett was becoming a mantle, and that the film might be about the bounty hunter’s family just made me groan. So here’s for hoping maybe it’s a Han Solo movie! (Boba Fett can have a part too of course).

Have a great weekend guys,



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