Star Wars Comic Review!

So the recent news in the Star Wars universe has been rumors about Rebels, potentially leaked costume design from Episode VII, and a list of guests at Star Wars Celebration this spring. I’m not big on rumors and if you happened to be going to Celebration this year then I hate you (but you can see the announcement here).

It’s been a little light on solid news in the last few days, so I will take this opportunity to write up a quick review of the new Marvel Comics Star Wars series.

Issue #1 came out on January 13th and #2 came out last Wednesday. The first issue had variant art that was available from different sources, but I got the regular old comic shop version (though let me know if you wanna hook me up with any of the other variants). There was even a special version in Hot Topic stores which quickly became a rarity because it was recalled and destroyed due to an ad with a spoiler for Avengers 2: Age of Ultron in it.

Let me start with issue 1. My first impression is that the art is pretty decent but that Luke and C-3pO don’t look quite right. The story starts with our heroes (Luke, Leia, Han, Chewie, R2, and 3PO) starting a mission for the Rebel Alliance just after the destruction of the first Death Star. Luke is not a powerful Jedi yet, and is struggling with his newly discovered force abilities. While Han and Leia are not in love yet, and still bicker like they did in Episode IV. The writing is spot on. I felt like all the lines the characters had were something the movie characters would have realistically said. The story has them infiltrating an Imperial factory and of course things don’t go as planned. All in all, it is a decent start to the new series but not outstanding, yet…

Issue #2 really starts the series off. Darth Vader shows up and I don’t wanna give anything away (because I think people should really read it) but our heroes apparently had an altercation with the Lord of the Sith far sooner than we had seen in the movies and he is a bad ass. Luke continues to be fleshed out as the sometimes-doubtful Jedi, and we continue to see sparks fly between Han and Leia. I was luke warm (get it, Luke) about this series after the first issue, but the second issue has me hooked. I am excited to see where this goes now.

The first issue of the Darth Vader series comes out tomorrow and I will be picking that up, and Princess Leia starts next month, followed by Kanan: The Last Padawan in April. Don’t worry I’ll keep ya’ll updated about how these titles pan out ;)

And if you wanna get these titles, be sure to support your local comic shop!




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