Marvel Comic’s Darth Vader #1 Review

Hey all,

The first issue of Marvel’s Darth Vader series released last week. So I figured I’d tell ya’ll what I thought of it.

The story for this series seems to tie directly into the main Star Wars comic series. It starts by showing Darth Vader handling the repercussions of what happened in Star Wars #2. We get to see several characters from the movies in this issue, and most are handled well. I did feel that the Emperor’s lines didn’t quite fit with what we’ve seen of him in the movies though.

Just as in the main Marvel Star Wars series we get to see Lord Vader being a total BA which is definitely cool. The art is decent, though not outstanding, and does justice to all the characters we see. It is interesting to see the effects of the first Death Star’s destruction on the Empire, I don’t think that has been explored in the EU prior to this.

In summary, it is a solid start to the series and is interesting for it’s view of the Imperial vs. Rebel conflict from the Imperial side.



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