2015 Star Wars LEGO Line-Up!

LEGO made a press release at the American International Toy Fair and revealed a TON of new Star Wars sets for this coming year. Check out the official release here.

No Episode VII set announcements are on this release you’ll notice. My guess is there will be sets to coincide with the new movie but we won’t know what they are till they’re out on the shelves.

“As we all eagerly anticipate Star Wars: The Force Awakens premiering in December, 2015 gives LEGO Star Wars fans a chance to build and play based on all of the existing Star Wars stories,” said Jill Wilfert, vice president of licensing and entertainment for The LEGO Group. “For more than 15 years, children and kids at heart have told and retold the Star Wars story through LEGO brick play and this year we will give them even more characters and elements to recreate the epic saga – including several sets with which to add Star Wars: The Force Awakens to their building adventures.”

Bringing Star Wars: Rebels TV Episodes to the Playroom
Six new LEGO sets help fans build the exciting adventures from the Disney XD series, Star Wars Rebels, five available now and one launching in June. Fans looking to build their collection of Stormtroopers will love the Imperial Troop Transport ($12.99), featuring four of the iconic troopers in minifigure form plus an armored transport pod. With Ezra’s Speeder Bike ($19.99), the young rebel hero and his confidant Sabine can outrun the Stormtroopers. In the ultimate expression of the power of the dark side, rogue rebels are tracked by the experimental TIE Advanced Prototype™ ($39.99), complete with folding wings for flight and landing modes, spring-loaded shooters and functional top hatch. Builders can search the streets of Capital City for rebels in the twin-legged AT-DP™($49.99), featuring Agent Kallus, a Stormtrooper and two AT-DP pilots. Fans can protect Wullffwarro and his Jedi friend, Kanan Jarrus, with the powerful Wookiee™ Gunship ($69.99), featuring movable front and top cannons, folding wings and two Wookiee minifigures.

Rebuild Favorite Star Wars: The Clone Wars Battles
Fans can safeguard the security of the Senate with the elite Senate Commando Troopers™ set ($12.99), featuring a never-before-seen buildable rapid shooter plus Senate Commando Captain minifigure and three Senate Commandos. Or builders can support the clone army at the Battle of Geonosis with the Geonosis Troopers™ set ($12.99), featuring a walker, two Geonosis Clone Troopers and two Geonosis Airborne Clone Troopers. Builders travel to Coruscant to relive the epic lightsaber battle between Asajj Ventress and Anakin with Anakin’s Custom Jedi Starfighter™ ($39.99), featuring detachable escape pod, droid eject function, retractable front landing gear, lightsaber storage, four spring-loaded shooters and an Astromech Droid. All are available now.

Revisit Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
Fans can protect the Empire with the silent and mysterious Shadow Guards ($12.99 available now) by using their deadly lightsaber staffs, or call in the Shadow Stormtroopers if backup is needed.

Classic Star Wars Sets Feature Big Action from the Saga
Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom MenaceBuilders can relive the riveting battle scene where the Trade Federation tightens its grip on Naboo and the local Gungans must stop the advancing AAT™ (available now for $24.99). Includes Jar Jar Binks minifigure, Battle Droid and Pilot Battle Droid figures. An additional set launches later in the year.

Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the ClonesFans can build the Republic Gunship™ Microfighter to defend against the heavily armored Homing Spider Droid™ Microfighter ($9.99 each). To defeat the clone army on Geonosis, builders can assemble theHailfire Droid™ ($19.99), featuring giant rotating wheels and four spring-loaded shooters. Reinforcements at the Battle of Naboo arrive in the Battle Droid Troop™ Carrier ($39.99), featuring detachable driver compartment, hidden wheels to help it glide, Gungan Warrior minifigure, two Pilot Battle Droids and 12 Battle Droids. All are now available. An additional set launches later in the year.

Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the SithBuilders can choose sides and reenact the ultimate showdown to defend or attack the Republic. High above Coruscant flies the advanced ARC-170 Starfighter™ Microfighter, perfect for defending against the attack of the deadly Separatist Vulture Droid™ Microfighter ($9.99 each, available now).

Star Wars: Episode IV A New HopeFans can swoop through the canyons of Tatooine chasing down womp rats and trying to avoid Tusken Raiders in the T-16 Skyhopper™ ($24.99, available now), featuring adjustable wings, detachable storage box and dual spring-loaded shooters, Skyhopper Pilot and Tusken Raider minifigure.

Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back – Builders can relive one of the most exciting battles in the entire Star Wars universe as they speed over the icy planet of Hoth in the agile Snowspeeder™ Microfighter to protect the Rebel Alliance and assault the Rebel base with the AT-AT™ Microfighter. Both are available now for $9.99.

Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi – Two exciting sets launch later in the year.

First Star Wars Constraction Sets Unveiled
Expanding the way children can build and play within the Star Wars universe, the company also unveiled new constraction – constructable figures – sets featuring, among others, Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker ($19.99 and up in September). Additional constraction figures in the collection will be unveiled throughout the year.

LEGO Slave I™ will Delight Even the Most Skilled Fan Builders
Builders can assemble and pilot an unbelievable detailed replica of the iconic Slave I spaceship owned and piloted by the infamous bounty hunter Boba Fett™. With 1,996 pieces, this set will inspire fans to search the galaxy for fugitives using the realistic rotating cockpit and wings for flight and landing mode along with dual blasters to repel attackers, then reenact the capture of Han Solo™ in Bespin’s Cloud City. Includes minifigures of Boba Fett™, Bespin Guard™, Stormtrooper™ and Han Solo™ and is available now for$199.99.

I don’t buy many Star Wars LEGO sets myself anymore, but I get some for my kid and I love to see all the cool pieces of the SW universe come alive in brick form.



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