Season Finale of Star Wars: Rebels, Monday!

Hello all,

Posts have been thin in the last week because there are so many rumors going around about Episode VII and I will not read them, and don’t wanna report on them.

Some solid news though…

The finale of the first season of Star Wars: Rebels is airing tomorrow (Monday, March 2nd) I’m very excited about it and will be watching the previous episode and this one tomorrow with my son. There is a teaser for it showcasing a fight between Kanan, Ezra, and the Inquisitor (notice that Kanan and Ezra are using each other’s lightsabers for some reason) and the end teases the dramatic entrance of Darth Vader into the Rebels storyline. Check it out:

Since the season will be drawing to a close, I will re-watch the whole thing and post a full review of Season one because I like telling people what I think. I’m also almost done reading the novel prequel to Rebels, Star Wars: A New Dawn, and should be writing a review of that as well.

Thanks for reading guys, may the force be with you and junk!



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