New LEGO Star Wars specials on their way!

Hey there Star Wars fans!

According to The Holywood Reporter Disney XD is making a new 5 episode LEGO Star Wars mini-series to be released just before Episode VII comes out. The story should be a retelling of R2 and 3P0’s journey through the first 6 movies. Likely in an attempt to catch up kids on the full story of Star Wars since it’s hard to get little ones to watch 6 movies (at least it is for mine).

The previous LEGO Star Wars shows are very comical, and obviously not canon, but they are fun. It’s good for a fun child-like jaunt through the Star Wars universe, so if you have kids I would watch ’em with them. They are on DVD, Amazon Instant Video, and maybe Netflix (I don’t know). If you don’t have kids to watch them with, then you would probably have to be a LEGO Star Wars fan to really enjoy them.

Have a great week guys!



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