Star Wars: Heir to the Jedi Novel Releases Today!

Good morning (for me) Padawans!

The new Star Wars novel Heir to the Jedi, by Kevin Hearne, comes out today! I pre-ordered it and found it ready to read on my Kindle when I got up this morning. I just finished A New Dawn (which I will review for you guys) and am reading Maul: Lockdown now, but I am eager to read this new story after I finish.

The book takes place after the destruction of the first Death Star. Luke is working for the Rebel Alliance and still trying to master his abilities as a Jedi. R2 and Luke are assigned a mission to help an Imperial cryptologist escape and defect to the side of the rebels. The author, Kevin Hearne, is new to the Star Wars universe but has written many other titles including a highly praised series known as the Iron Druid Chronicles.

A few excerpts from Heir to the Jedi have been released and you can read the latest one at and see some alternate cover art that wasn’t used.

This is the 3rd novel in the new Expanded Universe for Star Wars, and I’m willing to bet this is going to be the best place to start for people who are thinking about getting into the EU. This is the only one of the new books so far to focus on one of the main characters from the movies so I think people will find it more engaging if they are not familiar with the EU already.



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