Reviews of Princess Leia #1, Darth Vader #2 Star Wars Comics!

Well hello there beautiful ;)

I picked up my copies of Marvel’s Darth Vader #2 and Princess Leia #1 last night and just finished reading them, so I figured I would report to everybody what I thought.

The 2nd issue in the new Darth Vader series continues to show the Dark Lord in a position we are not use to seeing him: a subordinate under Grand Admiral Tagge. The Admiral was shown in A New Hope briefly but had little character development till now and it’s rare to find a character that is untapped in the EU. After the loss of the Death Star, Vader must redeem himself in the eyes of the Emperor by serving Tagge, ostensibly. Decent art and writing continue in this issue, but the story isn’t advanced noticeably.


Leia gets her own series beginning with this issue. The story begins immediately after the end of Episode IV: A New Hope. After the recognition ceremony on Yavin the rebels have to jump into action finding a new base. The loss of Alderaan weighs heavy on everyone’s heart and Leia is asked to lay low and grieve for the loss of her family and people. Anybody who is partially familiar with her character knows that’s not gonna happen. This series is off to a great start in my opinion. Action is light in this first issue, and characters emotions and motives are the focus. I think this is a nice change of pace from the mostly action oriented Star Wars comics so far and I hope to see more like this.



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