2016 Stand-alone Formal Announcement!

Another big piece of news from the Disney shareholders conference today as reported by StarWars.com

The 2016 stand-alone film will be titled, Star Wars: Rogue One.

Also the announcement confirms that Felicity Jones will be the star, it will start filming this summer, and will release on December 16th 2016. As we knew Gareth Edwards is directing, and it is being written by Chris Weitz.

With the name of Rogue One we can only assume it must be about Rogue Squadron, the X-wing fighter group that Luke joined during the attack on the Death Star. This leaves us with many questions still. What time period is it: rebellion, post RotJ, or even post Episode VII? Is Felicity Rogue One? What about the rumors that Han and Boba Fett might be in it?

So many questions still, sigh.

Another big announcement about Episode VIII was made today, check out my post on it here.




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