Star Wars: Aftermath Author Revealed!

Happy Sunday friends!

Star Wars: Aftermath was announced last week as part of the Journey to the Force Awakens campaign but we were not told who would be writing it. However, the Random House online database was updated for this entry recently and it listed it’s author: Chuck Wendig.

Honestly, I have never heard of Mr. Wendig or his works prior to this and he is entirely new to the Star Wars EU. A quick search for him on Amazon showed me that he is the author of many novels and some instructional writing books. Judging by his bio, description of his works,  and art for his previous titles he seems to be a very modern writer.

So we are gonna have a completely new name in the Galaxy Far, Far Away lead us into Episode VII. I guess it’s appropriate since we have new talent attached to all the upcoming movies and Disney is focusing on more and more new characters. Some people may be concerned (and I won’t say I’m not one of them) about the fundamental rebirth of the Star Wars universe but I’m open, willing, and hoping for the best.



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