Star Wars Celebration will be Live-Streamed!

Star Wars Celebration is starting tomorrow, Thursday April 16th. You hopefully already heard that the opening ceremony will feature J.J. Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy (She’s the new head of LucasFilm) unveiling the next trailer for Episode VII and the first teaser movie poster.

Well good news everyone!

The whole convention, from opening ceremony to finish, is going to be live-streamed for viewers around the world! Check out the official announcement here on It also says clips will be available on demand, so hopefully that includes the new trailer, because I’ll be at work when the ceremony starts and I want to be able to watch the trailer a dozen or so times after I get home tomorrow!

So if you had plans for the weekend, cancel them. Get your Jedi robe or Mandalorian armor out of the closet and put it on! We’re going to Celebration Anaheim!



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