Star Wars: Rebels Season 2 Trailer and Poster!

The Star Wars Rebels panel concluded at Celebration earlier and in it they showed the trailer for season 2 of Rebels. Please watch it below so I can gush about it afterwards.

So on to the gushing…

Ahsoka’s back, Rex is coming, the Emperor gets involved, Darth Vader is chasing them, and more inquisitors on their tail! I don’t want to sound like a total fan boy but… OH MY GOD, I AM EXCITED. The first season of Rebels had great moments but it also had the unmistakable feel of a kid’s show and that it was kind of a stand-alone story to the Star Wars universe. This trailer shows us that Season 2 is going to be a dramatic amazing ride with a host of beloved characters, both good and evil, returning to the limelight. I did not expect to be blown away by this trailer like I was and now I cannot wait to get to see these episodes.

Check out the post on for the live blog of the panel and try not to get to excited for season 2 of Rebels.



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