More News From the Marvel Star Wars Panel at SWCA!

Happy Sunday all,

A bit more Marvel Star Wars news from the Marvel Panel at SWCA. Besides the new Lando series I talked about, which starts in July, we’ve learned that Obi-Wan will be making an appearance in the main Star Wars series in issue #7. It was also stated that he will be on Tatooine so we can only assume this is a flashback because the series takes place between episode IV and V, and that of course means our dear Obi-Wan is no longer with us.

Also stated was that Greg Rucka and Marco Checchetto will be the minds behind Shattered Empire, the Marvel contribution to The Journey to the Force Awakens campaign. In addition there will be a Marvel comic adaptation of the new movie but it will be coming out later, assumedly early 2016.

I grabbed this news from Star Wars Underworld who are in Anaheim this weekend, read their article here.



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