Rogue One Announcements from SWCA!

Big news from Anaheim again!

During a panel with Gareth Edwards, Kathleen Kennedy, and Lucasfilm Story Group Leader Kiri Hart, we got some more details about Rogue One along with a little footage made by ILM (though this wasn’t released to the public online).

The movie will take place during the Rise of the Empire time period (between episode III and IV). Felicity Jones will be playing a rebel soldier and it will tell the story of how the rebel alliance got the Death Star plans. In addition they announced they will be referring to all the stand-alone films as “Anthology Films”

So besides the obvious implications what does this tell us? Well it means Han Solo could be in, but I doubt it unless it is just a cameo. Boba Fett could be part of it, but I doubt that too. We may see Princess Leia when she was still a senator for Alderaan, since she is the person who ends up in possession of the plans. I’m willing to bet on seeing Bail Organa too and perhaps Biggs and Wedge will show up as well. I get the feeling that Grand Moff Tarkin will be part of this story also. Just a hunch…

Not super exciting really but great to learn more info about the first “Anthology” film.

EDIT: I just realized that this would be a great opportunity to see some of the characters from Star Wars: Rebels in live action on the big scree, which would be awesome!




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