Heir to the Jedi Book Review!

I just finished Kevin Hearne’s contribution to the new canon, Star wars: Heir to the Jedi. So now ya’ll get to hear what I think of it. This book is the 3rd novel since the Star Wars EU rebooted. A New Dawn was 1st and you can read my review for it here. Tarkin was 2nd, but I didn’t finish it yet, so no review on that one.

This book is a bit of an oddity for 2 reasons. One, it is the only book (including Legends canon) to ever be written in Luke’s first person perspective, and it was actually going to be a Legends book (and the last part of the Empire and Rebellion series) but due to it’s release date and other factors it was co-opted into the new canon.

Anyway, on to the story. It starts soon after the destruction of the first Death Star at Luke’s hands. Young Skywalker is struggling to improve his use of the Force without a teacher, while also helping the Rebellion as much as possible. He has become renowned as the pilot who blew up the Death Star and deals with the notoriety that accompanies that.

The flow of this book is a little awkward as it is really about Luke learning about himself and the Force more than about a particular adventure. This is a departure from normal Star Wars fare that has characters involved in one winding action packed story but with a single overall arch fighting an evil villain. At first it was a little strange, but once I mentally adjusted I found the story to be quite enjoyable.

Princess Leia is the only other established character you see in this story, and only briefly. The other characters are all new and are well rounded and fleshed out personas. Several alien races are seen, one new one is created, and the Givin make their first appearance in the new canon (it makes me very happy to see things brought over from the Legends universe).

In summary, this is an atypical read for a Star Wars book, but it is definitely worth your time for it’s  insight into the growth of one of pop cultures  most iconic characters.

As a side note, Lords of the Sith will be out on Tuesday so check it out, or wait for my review and see what I think of it.



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