Kanan: The Last Padawan Review!

The first issue of Marvel’s new series, Star Wars: Kanan – The Last Padawan, came out a couple weeks ago. Since I like making posts telling you what I think about stuff, I figured I would do that for this too.

If you aren’t familiar with Kanan, he is from the TV show Star Wars: Rebels. As an ex-Jedi he is in hiding from the Empire and helping to lead a group of rag tag rebels in heists and strikes against their oppressive regime.

The first issue starts during the Clone Wars while Kanan (then known by his real name Caleb Dume) is training under Jedi Master Depa Billaba. I’m not going to give anything away but know that it begins mere moments before the Emperor’s execution of Order 66.

The art is very good and the setup that begins here is quite interesting. It ends on a cliff hanger and I’m very excited for issue #2 to come out on May 6th.



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